We have a client at the moment whose website is ‘down’ because their domain expired….

Simple fix…  renew the domain and all will be well within minutes….

…but no


The owner of the business does not own or control the domain name associated with their business.  It is owned by a third party, and the the Tech and Registrant contacts are the third parties “yahoo” email address…


This is a problem, unless the Third party regularly checks that “yahoo” address.  Additionally the third party needs to be in good standing with the owner of the business.  Having an ex-friend who doesn’t check their throwaway email address would not be a good situation.


So for our client, their website has been ‘down’ for three days.  We are powerless to do anything as all the control lies with the tech and registrant contacts for the domain.  Many frantic emails later, we have been in contact with the third party, and they have agreed to give us access to the domain control….  but it is not a priority for them, so it will be another day before we get control of the domain back.


The Take Home Lessons.

  • Keep control of your domain.
  • Make sure you are at least the Registrant Contact for your domains.
  • If possible be both the Tech and Registrant Contact.
  • Keep track of your domains and their expiry dates.
  • Be the registered ‘owner’ of your important domains.


Downtime is lost business and income.  Don’t get caught.  Secure your domains now.


Dave Higgins is a Web Designer and SEO Consultant with more than 15 years of web experience. Search Engine Optimisation, Domain Names and WordPress are just some of Dave’s extensive areas of expertise.

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