With the change in hosting infrastructure here at Grimpond Marketing, some clients will have to adjust their email configurations in their email client/software.

For most clients this will require a change of login/username for your email account.

Nothing else should need to be changed.


For most clients your existing setup is:


Incoming Email Server:  yourdomainname.com.au

Username/Login:  Would be something like –  dave_gm

Password:  The password supplied to you at setup


The only change that should be required(for most clients) is a change of Username/Login.

So that your new setup will be.


Incoming Email Server:  yourdomainname.com.au    (This is unchanged)

Username/Login:  Your Email Address – eg: yourname@yourdomain.com.au   (*This element has changed)

Password:  The password supplied to you at setup    (This is unchanged)


You will need to change these details on all devices that ‘collect’  your email.

Please wait until your email client software generates a login error before changing your settings.

This will be a one time change, and is required due to the move/upgrade of the Grimpond Marketing server infrastructure.


If you run into any difficulties, please lodge a Support Ticket and we will get back to you asap.



Grimpond Marketing