So what is the question?

The Question is,


What is the best way to communicate with your Web Designer,  Graphic Designer or SEO Consultant?


email-worksAt Grimpond Marketing, Grimpond SEO and My SEO Guy we prefer email communication with clients, contractors and employees, and it is for some simple and decisive reasons.


1.  There is a record of the conversation.

A email conversation is there for all to see, and when repeated emails are replied to, the entire conversation is present in each email.  This allows Us or You to refer back to previous conversations and issues raised, and allows all parties to see what is written.

This record of conversation is not available in a phone call, or a mobile phone conversation.  Phone conversations require one or both parties to record the conversation in some way so that it can be referred to later.  This is both time consuming and sometimes inaccurate


2. You dont have to stop what you  are doing until you are ready to send or reply.

Phone calls interrupt your work, conversations, and concentration… because the phone rings and will keep ringing till you answer it.

An email can be read and answered when the recipient has time and space to read and consider the information, and can be read and considered at a time of the recipients choosing.

This works well for us, as often we may be involved in some technical work requiring a certain level of concentration and the interruption of a phone call means we have to gather our thought and refocus when the phone conversation is complete.  Interruptions to a design or technical process can have a significant impact on workflow.


saving-time3. Access to email is often more freely available

Email can be accessed from anywhere you can get a client to run, with an internet connection.  Additionally you can compose and reply to an email when you are not connected.. and it will be sent or replied to when you next establish a connection.  Again allowing flexibility with communication.


4. Emails arrive silently and in the background.

Similarly to Point #2,  Email can be checked as often as you like, they arrive silently, and can be configured to run in the background so that your device – Phone, Tablet or PC – does not have to stop what it is currently engaged in doing.  again not disturbing workflow, or meetings or conversations.


In short… Email is our favoured  method of communication for the reasons outlined above…  It just makes sense to us, and we can get on with building your small business website, or designing your graphical needs, or working your sites Search Engine Optimisation without interruption.