Every website needs a host… but not just any host..

In order for your web site to functional and worthwhile, it has to be “up” and reachable. That is.. when a customer wants to find your site, they should not met with errors, timeouts, and strange browser explanations…

Grimpond Marketing and Website Design uses only the best available worldwide hosts with…

* Support 24x7x365
* Backup generators
* CCTV interior & exterior
* Key card access
* Entryway ramming bollards
* Police sub-station (24hrs)
* Fixed & roving security
* Caged car & man traps
* Motion detectors
* Fire suppression systems
* Biometric scanners

Our hosting support is second to none, and 99% of queries are attended to within minutes.

This guarantees that your site is up and running and maximising your impact and profitability.