SEO Offer February 20112

Special Search Engine Optimisation Offer (SEO)

Simple SEO Package

Initial analysis and Setup
$250.00 – Includes first month

Monthly Ongoing Analysis and Adjustment;

Ongoing monthly follow up cost – first 6 months

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How do you find things on the internet?… Most likely you use a search engine like Google or Yahoo or MSN.

Your customers do the same thing… So it is a priority that your site is “findable” in the major search engines as soon as possible, as this is where those potential customers will be looking for you.

Every site we build is made search engine ready. It is part of our standard service.

Grimpond also offers other Search Engine services.

1. A Complete Search Engine Super Package.

– A finely tuned adjustment to every page of your website to maximise the total effect for every keyword you nominate.

2. Post Search Engine Analysis.

– For an already existing site, we can analyse and fine-tune every page, title, image and link and produce a comprehensive report on what is working for your site and what is not working.

3. Prime Keyword Analysis and Tracking.

– An in depth look at what keywords you should be targeting and which keywords actually return the best ‘sales’. This report can include an ongoing tracking of your website and it’s performance for certain keywords.