Grimpond has been in it’s new location in semi-regional Queensland for six months now, and technology and connection issues remain a hurdle for us.


We are restricted to only having ONE choice for internet and telephony services.  That of course is Telstra/Bigpond.  Now this is not a Telstra bashing exercise, but just an outline of the difficulties in regional internet connections.


Not only do we only have one choice is regards to ISP/Carrier… but we also only have one choice in regards to internet connection and type.  We do not get to chose between, ADSL, Naked ADSL, Cable, and don’t even mention the NBN.  Our connection is dictated to us becasue of our remoteness.  Yes, we are 40mins from the Gold Coast, and an hour from Brisbane..  but this is ‘remote’ in someones language.


So we get no choice…  that’s it.


We previously(in Brisbane) paid around $100 for 500GB of data/bandwidth on an ADSL connection that was very decent – 10-20 Mbps

We now pay $160+ for 25GB of data/bandwidth on an old(an outdated, and poor quality) 3GPlus mobile connection – 1-2Mbps


Yes that is right we now pay more for less… and it’s a lot more, and a lot less.

From around  0.20c per GB  to  $6.60 per GB

Combined with a more than 10 fold drop in speed of connection.


When you hear people argue against the NBN, remind them that ‘city folk’ are spoiled for choice and those even on the vague outskirts of the major centres have little or no choice, and much lesser quality of choice.