Here you will find answers to the questions we are most commonly asked.


Hosting and Domains

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an identification label or address of a particular web site allowing it to be found with an internet browser.

The examples you will know best are and


What is Hosting?

Hosting is the storage and serving of the pages of your website ‘on the internet’. It is a fundamental part of a successful web site. It is the ‘host’ that ‘serves’ your web site to you and other users.


Search Engines

Q. Can you make my site appear in the number one spot at Google?

Yes we can, for certain keywords, and names, but it is not guaranteed for every keyword you might want. No one can make this promise(Though many companies do!)


Eg: You will find us ranked Number #1 in Google for the keyword “grimpond”, but we are not ranked Number #1 for “best site in the world”



Q. What is a browser?

A browser is a piece of software that enables you to browse the World Wide Web(Internet). The most well known examples are Mozilla FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

You are probably using one of these right now!

Q. What is a URL?

A URL is a  – Universal Resource Locator – and in less technical terms, it is the ‘address of something on the internet’

For example the URL of this page is -

The URL of our logo at the top of the page is  – %5B/learn_more%5D

Q. What is an ISP?

An ISP is an internet service provider. This is the company you use to connect to the internet.

eg: Bigpond, Optus