What happened:

For the last 2-3 weeks clients of Grimpond Marketing and My SEO Guy may have been suffering email issues and bounce backs.  This is because our server(IP)  was added to an internet SPAM blacklist.  This blacklist was then used by a number of Australian ISPs to block email originating from our server or related to our server/IP.


Our server/IP was added to this blacklist without our knowledge and without notification. This means that we will only be aware of the situation when we start getting email errors or complaints from clients.


SPAM email blacklists exist in their own right, and are often totally automated or inherently secret so that we can not discern any information in regards to the blacklisting.


Once added to a SPAM blacklist it is down to the server owner(Grimpond) to determine firstly that there is a blacklisting, then if there is any legitimate reason for the blacklisting.


Once made aware of the situation, Grimpond undertook firstly to ensure that our server and our clients sites are not compromised by a trojan,virus, hack etc. Our server and all sites were shown to be intact and functioning as normal.


The next Step is to get the server/IP removed from the blacklist.  This was done within hours, and the removal of our server from the list was confirmed. As the blacklist that listed us is completely automated, there is a risk that our sever/IP will be added back to the list if the blacklist providers believe we are sending SPAM email again.

This occurred about 3 days after we were removed from the blacklist. So once again we undertook the steps above to ensure that our servers and our clients site were intact.


Email Spam


Why we are not Spammers:


To ensure that email spamming does not effect our server or clients we have strict rules in regards to email sending.

In short almost NO email is sent ‘out’ from our server.  This is a deliberate security decision to ensure that our servers are not used for spamming emails, whether accidental or as a deliberate act.

The only emails sent from our servers are web based from submission and all forms are protected from robots and spammers.

So…  we and you (our clients) can not be email spammers.


The consequences:


As a consequence of the blacklisting some ISPs will have added our server/IP to their own blacklists for spammers, and this in turn leads to errors when sending emails via these ISPs.

This was a particular issue for clients when IINet/OzEmail added our server to their list. (We believe this is also an automated function)  Clients using these ISPs(including us here at Grimpond) will experience getting their email blacked and having emails rejected when sent to or from IINet/OzEmail.

We(Grimpond) can not fix this issue.  It is up to the ISP to update their spam blacklist from the internet -based blacklists.



What now:


Grimpond, our servers and our IPs are NO LONGER listed on any blacklist.

It is now up to the local ISPs that may/may not be blocking our emails to update their lists. Once updated at their end, emails will not longer be blocked.


What you can do:


As a Grimpond or My SEO Guy client you should contact us immediately if you  get strange or unexplained email returns.

Ensure that you forward to us the bounced/returned emails, as their contain information we need to assess the issue.

Contact your local ISP when you get the all clear from us and let them know they are blocking you for no reason.



Still got issues? – Contact Dave



Fingers crossed we will not see this issue again or for a very long time.