Modifying existing Galleries and Images

Once you have a gallery created and images up loaded to that gallery, you start to use that gallery and make changes to it as required.

1. Inserting a gallery

To put a gallery in a page, you need to insert a small piece of code that was generated when you created the gallery. It looks like this – [ nggallery id=1 ] – with a the ID number being different for each gallery.

Edit any page and insert your gallery code. Save the page being edited and reload the live page to see your gallery in action.

2. Managing your Gallery

Within your gallery you can do a number of things:

a. Change the order of images
b. Remove or add images
c. Exclude images
d. Remake thumbnails
e. Copy move and Resize images

3. Gallery administration

To administer an existing gallery

1. Go to [Gallery] on the left hand menu.

2. Select Manage gallery from the left-hand menu.

3. Chose the gallery you wish to manage.

(As you can see naming your galleries in an orderly fashion can make finding the gallery you want to manage much easier.)

Manage Gallery Screen


You can minimise the detail shown by clicking on the [Gallery Settings] bar. (Click on it again to expand the info.)

Minimise Gallery Details