About Us

Grimpond Marketing is a Australian Company specialising in custom website design and website management and search engine optimisation.

We are currently based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and have a presence in Perth, Sydney and Adelaide. Our customers come from all over the world including the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA.

Grimpond can get you “on the net” and findable within days, giving you a huge advantage and opportunity over your customers.

What We Do

We help you achieve and maintain a presence on the internet with one overriding covenant – Increasing sales.

Many design companies will help you create a site that will look just how you want it to, but it will serve little purpose.

These so-called ‘vanity sites’ might make you feel special, but they will do little else.

In our belief a site must be clear, precise, functional, get “the message” across, and increase your total exposure to the buying public.

Not For Profit Program

Grimpond Marketing and Web Design offers free website design and hosting for Not For Profit organisations.

To support the not for profit sector,where achievable, Grimpond Web Design and Marketing will undertake to design, create, construct and host a website for suitable organisations servicing areas deemed appropriate.

Where possible Grimpond does this without charge.

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From The Blog

Email Issues – Not of our doing

For the last 2-3 weeks clients of Grimpond Marketing and My SEO Guy may have been suffering email issues and bounce backs. This is because our server(IP) was added to an internet SPAM blacklist. This blacklist was then used by a number of Australian ISPs to block email originating from our server or related to our server/IP.

The Perils of Regional Internet Access

Grimpond has been in it’s new location in semi-regional Queensland for six months now, and technology and connection issues remain a hurdle for us.

We are restricted to only having ONE choice for internet and telephony services. That of course is Telstra/Bigpond. Now this is not a Telstra bashing exercise, but just an outline of the difficulties in regional internet connections.

Finally up and running….

At long long last… we have connection and phone, and all things required to service our clients.

It has been a battle, and very inconvenient for us, and appallingly bad for our clients. But Telstra have come to the party and supplied the promised landline, and established us with a solid and reliable internet connection.

Closer to Permanent Internet Connection

A permanent internet connection has been promised by Telstra.

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